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Michael - Property Agent

 “One of my clients was trying to sell their apartment, but with two kids, their home was very cluttered which was not too appealing to potential buyers. I recommended they clear their household of unnecessary contents and store them at Target Storage. Their apartment immediately looked like a showroom flat, and was sold two weeks later at a good price."


Joanne - Accountant

“We pay expensive office rent in Wanchai. To save space we outsource our document storage. We use Target Storage because we need an air conditioned and humidity controlled environment to keep our documents in excellent condition."


Christie - Secretary

“My Boss wanted to buy a larger office as we were running out of space. With the high cost of real-estate and renovation, I suggested we re-organize our existing office by moving unused furniture and old samples to Target Storage. My boss took my advice and was so happy with the money saved that he rewarded me with a paid vacation to Japan."


Joyce - Self Employed Entrepreneur

“I run my own business from home importing products from overseas. I store my merchandise at Target Storage where I know my goods are well protected by a high tech security system. I have recommended Target Storage to my friends and clients."


Charles - Teacher

“My wife and I like to travel each summer. After our vacations, we end up buying more than we have room for in our small apartment. A storage room at Target Storage offered the perfect solution and best environment to store our suitcases packed with last season's clothes and blankets."


Mrs. Leung - Housewife

“Both of my children are studying in University overseas. When they come back to Hong Kong for summer vacation, we clear out our spare bedrooms by renting storage space from Target Storage."






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