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Target Storage is glad to announce receiving the Letter of Acceptance (based on our new design layout proposal) from The Hong Kong Fire Services Department for the latest fire safety guidelines of mini storage.

Mainly the following points have been improved and complied within our facility:

1) Minimum 6.25% window area based on total floor area. (Minimum 2% emergency access widows easily accessible, with minimum 1m x 0.85m size access window size, and with maximum window starting height of 1.1m measured from floor to bottom of window).

2) Maximum 50 sq.m of net customer storage area for each new cubicle zone.

3) Each corridor of storage zone should not exceed 20m length distance.

4) Maximum storage height of 2.35m, with 1m empty space required measured from maximum customer storage height to concrete ceiling.

There are more general safety guidelies from FSD (Fire Service Department) to list, but the above are the most important ones which we have already met to compliance based on the latest regulation for all mini storage operators in Hong Kong.

The link below is the the letter (in pdf format) from The Hong Kong Fire Services Department confirming our facility is already in compliance with the safety of mini-storage premises (MSP) for your reference.

Safety of mini-storage premises (MSP)







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