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Estimating the required size of your lockers or store rooms is not an easy task. Especially when the rental price depends on the total floor space needed to store your valuables.

Our experienced staffs will assist and recommend you the smallest locker or store room sizes available, just enough to store your personal or company belongings safe and securely. Thus avoiding to pay extra money for unnecessary storage space, and the smaller the rental space, the more money you will save.

Here are some simple storage tips to get the most space for you.

Make it EASY to move!

 ● Check your storage space, the space should be of adequate size to fit your needs.
 ● Determine the packing accessories you need: bubble wrap, plastic tape, drop
cloths, mattress and furniture covers and assorted size boxes from book to wardrobe size.
 ● Fill boxes to capacity:  partially full or bulking cartons may collapse or tip. Heavy items
     like books or tools should be packed in small boxes so they are easy to lift.
 ● Protect your fragile goods with packing (i.e. Bubble wrap or other), and place them
     near the top of your storage space. 
 ● Label boxes.  Prepare a list of labeled boxes for easy reference.
 ● Pack the storage space carefully.  Leave air space around the perimeter to
     aid ventilation.
 ● Do not lean items against walls.  Leave a walkway to the rear of your space for 
     easy access.
 ● Fully utilize of all the space available, including height, and place frequently used
     goods near the door.

☆ Where to Put Things
Put items you’ll use most often near the front of your unit.  Place breakable items away from the center aisle. Put televisions, DVD players and other valuable items near the rear of your unit.

☆ Furniture
Disassemble your furniture, if possible (including beds). Or store it top down on the floor, with the legs Wrapped and pointing up.  Cover all furniture and Place on pallets.  Try not to stack or lean furniture against outside walls.

☆ Large Appliances
Clean your large appliances before you store them and Keep refrigerator and freezer doors slightly open. There’s also plenty of available storage space inside your large appliances.

☆ Small Appliances
Pack in factory boxes whenever possible and cushion with wadded cloth rather than shredded newspaper.

☆ Clothing
Wardrobe boxes keep your clothes neat and clean. Shoes can be conveniently stored on the bottom of wardrobes.

☆ Breakables
Wrap each item separately and make sure to pack paper in the top, bottom and empty spaces to avoid shocks.  Mirrors and pictures should be wrapped with paper pads or placed in special boxes.

☆ Lamp
Pack shades in individual boxes with bubble wrap, (Newspaper can stain them.) Wrap bases in bubble wrap and pack then in boxes or in freezers and washing machines.






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