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Question 1: What items can I store in my storage space?



Answer 1: You can store almost anything you wish. Restricted items include illegal or dangerous items, certain liquids and flammable products, perishable items, plants, animals, and items that emit odors, noises or fumes.


Question 2: How much do your lockers or storage rooms cost?



Answer 2: We have many different sizes of lockers and storage rooms to offer. Our prices are listed on our website.


Question 3: What security protection does your facility have?



Answer 3: Our premises are fitted with Chubb's 24 hour CCTV, entry access control and alarm systems to protect our customers' belongings.


Question 4: What kind of environment will my belongings be stored in?



Answer 4: Because we care to offer you the extra protection where many others do not. Our entire premises is air-conditioned and humidity controlled at all times.


Question 5: Can I use my storage facilities right away?



Answer 5: Yes. Providing we have available lockers or storage rooms.


Question 6: What are your normal office hours?



Answer 6: Our on-site customer service staff are on site from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm to 6:00 pm on Monday to Friday. Closed on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

(Requests for assistance after office hours and on Sunday may be made by prior appointment.)


Question 7: When can I access my own storage space?



Answer 7: Existing customers can access your belongings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with your individually assigned smart access card.


Question 8: Who keeps the keys to my storage space?



Answer 8: Your storage space is secured by you using your own pad lock. And oly you will have the keys. 

You can either bring your own padlock, or purchase a new one from our staff. 


Question 9: Do you provide free trolleys to use?



Answer 9: Yes. Trolleys are available within our facilities and are free of charge to use within our building.


Question 10: What is the minimum rental period?



Answer 10: The minimum rental period is one month. We invoice on the first day of each month, and any earlier occupancy will be charged on a pro-rated basis.


Question 11: When do I have to start paying rent?



Answer 11: Before you move your personal belongings into your storage space, you will be required to pay your first month rent plus a two month security deposit. Thereafter, you will be required to pay in advance monthly for your storage space.


Question 12: What other charges are involved?



Answer 12: There is an HKD100 deposit for the use of our electronic access smart card. This is refundable at the end of the rental if the card is returned to us in good condition.


Question 13: Do you sell storage boxes and packing materials?



Answer 13: Yes. We try to provide the total solution to help our busy customers with their packing needs. Please visit the Supplies section on our web page.


Question 14: How do we inform you that we have already made payment?



Answer 14: Please fax your pay-in bank slip to 2690-9818, or email to

Remember to include your name, storage room number, and payment for which storage period. 







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